The right to abortion

Abortion is deeply regrettable.  The Supreme Court of the United States seems poised to overturn Roe vs. Wade, the decision that established the right to abortion across the 50 states of the US. Despite the legal arguments for and against overturning this precedent are copious, the independence and credibility of the United States Supreme Court … [Read more…]

Equality in a society

J Balvin, the Colombian artist recently received an award as the Afro-Latino Artist of the Year by a nonprofit from the United States, in the African Entertainment Awards. A recent article was published in the Washington Post claiming Balvin’s “flagrant appropriation and constant dodging of meaningful accountability”. Let me explain why the argument that cultural … [Read more…]

Trump’s resilience

The Republican Party in the United States is mystified by Donald J. Trump. He has come to represent the Republican resentment and anger, and is a pushback against the loss status for whites in the United States. Nationalist, racist, and xenophobic in nature, the allure of Trump is unquestionable, with 46.8% of voters choosing him … [Read more…]

Can we kill with words? Ethics, truth, and honor in public life

Certainly, public life is an honorable endeavor. Politicians, artists, and public personalities, have a prolific public life, always on the quest for relevance in the spotlight. But what happens when we deviate from ethics, truth, and honor in public life, can we kill with our mere words? Only recently, Republican politicians, some members of the … [Read more…]

Life goes on: The path forward after a pandemic

The pandemic has changed many things, our way to work, our way to commute, to live, but Covid-19 has not changed the human spirit, life goes on. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted our daily lives, people are tired of the restrictions on mobility and contacts among the population. The signs are everywhere in countries … [Read more…]

Radical equality and the hypocrisies of life

George Floyd in the United States was a common private man, as his mother repeatedly told him, he as born with two strikes, two opportunities and you are out. His tragic death after nearly ten minutes of choking in the hands of a police officer sparked a racial reckoning in the United States and the … [Read more…]

The failed “War on drugs”

The Washington Post released an article today titled ‘Lost cause.’  When the President of the United States in the 1970’s, Richard Nixon, coined the term, he couldn’t have imagined this policy would have a direct harmful effect in countries across Latin America. In country after country, and especially in Colombia and Mexico, the so-called “War on drugs” has … [Read more…]

6,743 fallecidos por Covid-19 en Colombia

La tragedia de una pandemia ha ocurrido poco en la corta historia humana en esta tierra. La gran última pandemia antes del Covid-19 fue la gripe española de 1918 que mató 50 millones de personas en el mundo. A continuación, solo una muestra de la humanidad perdida por el Covid-19. Q.E.P.D. El PDF de estas … [Read more…]