Trump’s resilience

The Republican Party in the United States is mystified by Donald J. Trump. He has come to represent the Republican resentment and anger, and is a pushback against the loss status for whites in the United States. Nationalist, racist, and xenophobic in nature, the allure of Trump is unquestionable, with 46.8% of voters choosing him … [Read more…]

Can we kill with words? Ethics, truth, and honor in public life

Certainly, public life is an honorable endeavor. Politicians, artists, and public personalities, have a prolific public life, always on the quest for relevance in the spotlight. But what happens when we deviate from ethics, truth, and honor in public life, can we kill with our mere words? Only recently, Republican politicians, some members of the … [Read more…]

Life goes on: The path forward after a pandemic

The pandemic has changed many things, our way to work, our way to commute, to live, but Covid-19 has not changed the human spirit, life goes on. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted our daily lives, people are tired of the restrictions on mobility and contacts among the population. The signs are everywhere in countries … [Read more…]