Trump’s resilience

The Republican Party in the United States is mystified by Donald J. Trump. He has come to represent the Republican resentment and anger, and is a pushback against the loss status for whites in the United States. Nationalist, racist, and xenophobic in nature, the allure of Trump is unquestionable, with 46.8% of voters choosing him over Biden despite the mishandling of the pandemic, his prejudices, his lies, and well, everything he is.

On the surface, Trump is everything a politician must not be, rough, unpolished, and vulgar, yet he persists in the Republican mind, becoming a symbol of the resistance to cultural changes in the United States, a representation of the old, better ways. Trump’s appeal will not go away.

He will continue to be a political force within the Republican Party, so much that it would be a surprise if Trump does not get the nomination for Presidential candidate again, his allure remains intact among Republican voters.

Why is Trump so resilient to controversies?

People are complex, and many factors enter the mind of a voter before turning on the ballot. One thing, however, is so part of human nature, that is inescapable to our conscience and subconscious being, that is fear. We fear change and what it will bring upon us, we fear the unknowable brought by this change, and how it would ultimately affect us. Republican voters in rural areas, affected the most by these cultural changes, have spoken to politicians across the United States, they are afraid. These voters need assurances that things will not get worse, and will improve for their lives.

Trump is exploiting this fear of the novel cultural changes to its own advantage. As long as there is change, there will be a pushback against these changes. Trump was just masterful using his own fears for his benefit, and exploiting our fears at the same time.

The conservative media landscape has nourished, cultivated, and stimulated fear to change for economic and political benefits. The fruits of these encouragements are a Republican culture based on a universe free of facts, where the truth is bend or ignored for our own benefit. It is in this environment where Trump flourished as a fear stoker.

We need moral courage

Trump’s perversive lying, his immorality, his pro-government ideas, are a denunciation of the GOP. Politicians are designed to follow their constituency, who simultaneously follow their political leaders. This endless feedback loop is one of the cornerstones of democracy.

We need moral courage from politicians and conservative public figures alike. The Republican Party has purged himself for Trump, making him a central figure in the GOP. This realignment will have consequences beyond the next election, young, educated, people are taking notice, and they will veer away from Republicans decades from now. Political parties based on a person are doomed to fail. We need a political parties based on principles and ideas that will sustain over time, we need politicians with the courage to lead, we need for the Rommey’s and MaCain’s in the United States to wake up and say enough, and not get align with a person like Trump. It is not too late to tell Republican politicians, as Reagan once said, just don’t.