Data Analysis in Journalism

The proper analysis of data is one of the challenges, especially when technological devices are generating so much information, as well as an improved capability to share this data to anywhere in the world. Some news media organizations are at the forefront of this technological advance. The notable  efforts of the New York Times and … [Read more…]

Part III: A divided United States of America

In previous post, I outlined the winning candidate for the 2016 election. Now we are going to analyze margins of the Trump winning, or the percentage difference between votes for GOP and Democrats. Let’s first plot the percentage difference (or margin) of votes between GOP and Democrats in each US county: As the figure show, … [Read more…]

The biggest political lie of the XXI century

Trumpism started with the claim that Obama was not born in the United States. Follow that until now, President Trump utters a lie in almost every statement, press conference or comment. Trump even lies for things so demonstrably false, and so small for his persona, that one starts to question his ethical and moral fitness … [Read more…]

US presidential election, Part I: Who had more votes, Trump or Obama?

The US presidential election is a interesting source of analyses for data scientists. In the following weeks, I will try to bring interesting perspectives to the election of Trump as President of the United States. The following figure shows the number and percentage of votes each candidate had. Red arrows shift right for Trump, and … [Read more…]

TUTORIAL: The linearity assumption in logistic regression, Part I

The linearity assumption for continuous variables in logistic regression is often overlooked by researchers in my experience reading articles. It is a key assumption of these regression models, as most continuous variables have a higher frequency of the outcome at higher and lower values, with a range of normal values usually in the middle values … [Read more…]

A new article in Rheumatology International

We just published an article in the journal Rheumatology International about a center of excellence of rheumatoid arthritis in Colombia. Despite its limitations and the ecological bias derived from the analysis, it shows adequate treatment in these patients can lower symptoms in a middle-income country. If you have any comment send an email to me or the corresponding … [Read more…]

Scores to predict death in pregnant and postpartum women

There is a robust discussion in the recent literature about prediction of mortality in pregnant and postpartum women. Other researchers and I published an article this year in the American Journal of Obstetric and Gynecology. We validated the Early Warning Score designed by Carle et al. for pregnant and postpartum patients. Despite that study is a very … [Read more…]